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Hosted Telephony

With a cloud-based telephone system there is no physical equipment on your premises other than handsets. The telephone service, which is based on a server located in a remote data centre, is delivered over the internet. For your business and employees, calls are answered, diverted, transferred in the same way they would be with a traditional telephone system

Businesses can enjoy many advantages by switching to one of our cloud-based telephone systems. Besides their easily controllable features, on-demand service with no hidden costs, and the ability to enable your staff to work more flexibly.

Additionally, not only does it remove almost all physical hardware from your premises, but the no or very little start-up costs, affordable ongoing costs, and added flexibility make it a suitable telecoms solution for businesses of all sizes, where you can take advantage that all calls are free of charge.

Why you should consider DRN as your managed voice systems provider.

We will make system suggestions based on what works best for your business, whether that’s a system at a fraction of the price of your current system.

We recognise modern working culture continues to shape business communications.

Advanced cloud technology allows you to be completely flexible and sets a new standard of responsiveness.

Savings are huge compared to the cost of a traditional telephone system (often a 70% plus saving), and the features and benefits delivered make it an obvious business choice.

This highly flexible communications system provides a wealth of practical features at a fraction of the cost compared to other systems. You also get a solution that is always the right size for your business, allowing you to scale up or down to suit your specific requirements.

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